I'm bisexual so I obviously don't care what you are, I will still respect you and call you one of my bestfriends. I have never told anyone about my sexuality except for my husband. None of his family or mine know. My little sister is also bisexual and and recently came out about it, our mom and sister know and ofcorse accept her and still love her for who she is. After she came out I thought about it too after seeing how excepting they were but I am still terrified they will see me differently only because i was adopted when i was 10. I'm more worried about my husbands side of the family, my in-laws are pretty open minded but they are a little uneasy around gay people so I worry thing will become even more uncomfortablebetween us. I one day would love to beable to come out and finely tell everyone that I like girls and on top of that my hubby accepts me for me.
merrill88 merrill88
22-25, F
Sep 23, 2012