For The People Harasing Me...

I am writing this lines because the people around me has gone mad.

Why is so difficult for some people understand and respect other people lives…?
Is the such thing as really ignorant people…?there is people question me about my sexuality and I made my self clear is none of their business.
I always say if you don’t like me you can see the other way.
I don’t care if I am losing something or whatever…I still have the right to decide what the dam hek I want to be.
Sadly,yes there is ignorant and poor educated people that do not hesitate in saying the most absurd and nonsense’s words for money.
I am not rich nor well educated but I have common sense ,and I give other people the respect they deserve.
And not because I am Christian you will expect me to keep myself down and quite.
You fu**king mess with me I will do anything to defend my self.
Sometimes I we can not change some people’s way of thinking so it is better to move on to other levels of understanding.
Have you ever feel the same?
dontpanic777 dontpanic777
31-35, M
Sep 24, 2012