I Just Doesn't Bother Me

I'd just like to say that you are the person you wanna be and I see me reason why that shouldn't apply to every one. My cousin is a lesbian and my some of my best friends are gay and bi and frankly for any one to decide who these people marry is truly ignorant in my point of view. All these protest about what god says to me is a load of ****... Cause it also says and I'm pretty sure it does, that god loves every one the same so to say that god hates gays is truly untrue. But I'm sure we all know this by now :). But if not I think it's time you wake up and realize that into days world there are a lot more problems then trying to figure out who the man or woman sitting next to you is going to marry
James19962 James19962
2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

Wise for one so young!

Thanks I don't get that a lot but its nice to see people have the same views as me

You will be most sad to learn that hatred and bigotry still permeate our society, even here. If you write enough supporting words for our community, you will find out as they will attack you. But I am very thankful for your kind expression and empathy. Grazie mille.

Oh I know.. That people will always hate and pick fun at other people. And our society is messed up like you said.