What I Love

For those who don't know It doesn't bother me if your gay str8 or bi. Well I'd just like to say that when I'm at school or walking through the mall I love to see couples holding hands specially if they are of the same sex. Like last weekend I was at the mall with a friend and he was like hey look at those **** holding hands. And with out thinking twice I turned to him and said why don't you shut your ******* mouth or ill shut it for you. And I hate to act that way twords people but I have a low and I mean very low tolerance for ignorant people. I mean if some one could give me a very valid reason one not dealing with god and your own stupid view( don't get me wrong every does have the right to voice there opinion) I might consider agreeing with you on why gays shouldn't be allowed. I say that only cause I know that it would never happen cause the fact is there are no valid reasons to hate gays it's just stupidity. And like every thing else the government has to stick there head into it because that's all there good for is getting in someone else's business. Like I said in my last post it doesn't bother me one bit who you deside to like that's your life not mine and I don't have any plans on living it for you. That's my view and I would love for the rest of the world to see it that way too
James19962 James19962
Sep 24, 2012