Best Friend...

My best friend is gay. He came out of the closet a year after we started hanging out. He was afraid I would stop being his friend, but I told him I was pretty sure he was gay the whole time, and I could care less. I have been around him naked, he has been naked, and I have watched him and his boyfriend make out quite a bit but we have never done anything because I am straight. To me it is no big deal, and I never think about it. He even confessed he has a crush on me and if i ever want to experiment he is more than happy to help me with that. Lol! I just don't understand what the big deal is. He is cool and fun to hang out with, so who cares if he likes guys or girls. It actually is great for me, because girls love hanging around him, so he draws the girls in and I bang em, we have a great system!
juniorp5 juniorp5
26-30, M
Nov 26, 2012