My Perspective Changed

I believed in the teaching of the Catholic Church. I still do.
I knew there was a difference between homosexual orientation, and homosexual actions. I know that now.
But having a gay or whatever orientation used to seem horrible to me. It doesn't anymore. Why not? Because I started following a blog. I used to think it was vitally important that anyone with a gay orientation changed. I don't anymore. Because of a blog. I used to squash down the suspicions that I was sexually more attracted to women (my own gender) than to men. All my sexual dreams were of women.
It's okay now.
Because of a blog. The name is Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Fine. It is by a man who believes in Catholic teaching, like I do. And who is attracted to men. Who is gay. Celibate, because he's Catholic. But accepting of this facet of his personality.
So I can accept this facet of mine.
Oh, and about the fact that I'm in love with a (opposite gender) man? He's different. He is an individual. I see him as different than any person who exists. Each person who exists is incredible; I can't see that about others; I can see it in him. It seems he is his own universe because he is to amazing I can't believe that he is real, that he is part of this universe. I am glad that he exists.
So there can still be that special someone in the gender you're normally not attracted to. (Check out another blog, this one by Josh Weed. named "the Weed")

I had to delete some comments that were becoming too acerbic. For the record, I do not think that homosexual sex-actions are okay. Please notice where I said that the author of the above blog is celibate.
For those who believe homosexual actions are okay, I'm not judging you. 

For those who believe the Bible, or the natural moral law says those actions are wrong, that is what I think. But God judges people's hearts, it is His job to judge people, not our job.
And if people don't know what they are doing is wrong, they do not have the same sin in their hearts as if they knew it was wrong.Luke 12:47, Luke 12:48
But nastiness, turns people away from the truth.
So our job, fellow Christians, is to show God's Mercy.
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Love Without Judgment. Jesus has a soul mate, but the bible says she a harlot