Hmmm... Should I Be Saying This?

So... Let me say I'm part of a strange family. A very strange family. Mother; a Catholic Spiritualist. Sister's; not the most understanding. The point? I've been surrounded by the idea of how wrong any other sexuality but being 'straight' is. My family does accept other sexualities, but there are many comments made that make me sick. And most of the time they expect me to join in.

I don't. I never will. I'm bi, I always have been. But what I've learnt is don't tell anyone unless they ask. My family hasn't, so there's no tell.

Living in this fairly judgemental family has given me an unjudgemental attitude. I believe people can be who the hell they want. If their truly happy and not causing me, or anyone any harm? Good on them.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

I was judgmental, but then i hit puberty and i was bi and so now i'm not judgmental.