"homosexual Marriage Ruins The Sanctity Of Marriage."

No. You know what ruins the sanctity of marriage?
DIVORCE. I know that this issues is dying down a bit but i've always wanted to say that, yet i never did.
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I support the legalization of same-sex marriage. I am for Marriage Equality. If only heterosexuals can marry the person they love, and gay people can't ... then that means heterosexuals are first class citizens and gay people are second class citizens ... and that needs to be corrected.

I agree but legalization implies you need govt permission to get married when in fact the govt has no constitutional authority to be in the marriage business, str8, gay, poly...none of them. Everyone should be free to go to their priest, rabbi or plumber and have whatever ceremony they choose. We now have DNA to prove parentage and marriage should not be used just to prevent STDs and pay lawyers a fortune and tie up the courts just to say "I don't". It's none of the govt's business who says "I do" to who. It's called FREEDOM and LIBERTY not legalization. We are both on the same page, I just think we should be free to do what we want unless the govt has a reasonable law regulating it and they have exceeded their authority using marriage laws to keep fathers supporting their kids and STDs under control which is why they started requiring it to begin with. You can go to a lawyer and get the same asset protection the marriage laws give you.

Chubfun, indeed we are on the same page. I think the govt. should not be in the business of marriage. However, I think it is reasonable to assume that the gov't. is not going to get out of the "marriage business" ... so letting gay folks have access to legal civil marriage is the next best thing. I hear you, and I agree with you. I can even extrapolate this philosophy of creating greater freedom and liberty to people by getting govt. to decriminalize marijuana, to refrain from making laws restricting reproductive freedom, and so on. On the other hand I do think it is a proper role for the gov't. to protect it's citizens from companies and industries who would poison and pollute our environment if no rukles or regulations are in place; or Wall Street banksters who through corruption and greed would steal and embezzle from the public.

I agree. I have the good fortune to be married since 2004 (when it became legal in Massachusetts) to the same man that I have been with for over thirty years, and three children later..

Congradulations. I wish you guy's all the best.