Obvious Coming Out Story

Being a straight man, I don't really have the personal experience of the difficulties in coming out. I can imagine the difficulty that a person would go through and the courage it would take to put yourself out there for people's judgment.

It seems as though we have come a long way in this issue. My teenage son has friends that are heterosexual as well as friends that are homosexual. It is a really good thing to see.

This story is one that I find amusing as it was the first time in my life someone had "come out" to me.

I was in high school in the early eighties and I had a good friend of mine that was somewhat of an anomoly to us at the time.

He was a rather good looking black guy who came from a wealthy family. He was quite intelligent and one of the better athletes on our football team. I bring up this part of the story as it caused some confusion among our group trying to determine why he was never in any kind of relationship that lasted for more than a few weeks, which was odd for an obvious catch.

A few years after graduation, I enlisted in the Marine Corps. While I was home on my first leave during Christmas, he called my mother and asked for my address. She mentioned that I was sitting in the living room if he wanted to talk to me.

When I got on the phone, he seemed like he really needed to talk and asked if I wanted to do something later. In the late eighties, one of the only businesses that was open on Christmas night was the movies. We agreed that he would pick me up, we would go to the movies and we could talk after.

We got to the movie theater, and while looking at what was playing, he mentioned he would like to see "The Color Purple". I figured since he is a black guy, maybe he is interested, so I agree and we go see the movie. On a side note, it was a very well done movie, just not really too exciting for a couple of teenagers.

On the way home, he seemed like he was struggling for words. I finally said to him, if we need to talk bro, let's talk. He replied that he was having a hard time finding his words. I said to him, "how hard can it be to tell me that you are gay"? He looked at me shocked and said, "how did you know I was going to tell you that"?

I simply smiled and told him that we are two guys that willingly just went to go see The Color Purple, so one of us must be gay!

He is now an actor and has done a bunch of smaller parts on TV and in commercials. He splits time between New York and Brazil. We still laugh about that day.

Thanks for reading my story.

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Sweet story u are a good friend

That was a lovely story.

This is cute. And you're a good friend.

I'm a little older than you but would have been so grateful to have a cool straight buddy like you back in the 80s. It might have made life a little easier. Good on you and I'm glad your friend has gone on to live a happy life.

Thanks for sharing it. Very nice.