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I think it is actually a bit amusing when homophobics start saying bad things about gay people.

I swear, i have not heard any one more stupid.

"They choose to be gay"
"gay marriage shouldnt be allowed"
"what will their parents think about them being gay"
"they can be gay, just dont show it in public"

What if we were to turn the tables on them?

"They choose to be straight"
"straight marriage shouldnt be allowed"
"what will their parents think about them being straight"
"they can be straight, just dont show it in public"

See how ridiculous this sounds?

Homosexuality is shown in over 40 species!! 40!!! And humans are the only ones "against" it. (against as in some people, not all)

Which seems more weird now?

To top it off.

the whole "Gay Marriage" thing.

You mean "Marriage!!"
because they didnt "gay park" their car this morning, or "gay ate" lunch.

So why should we call it "gay marriage"? Its just the coming together of two people who love each other.

And I dont know why we have the dang church involved.

I dont know if you know your history, but church and state have been separate sense we signed the declaration of independence.

Helllloooo?! The only people who want to stop it are the really freaking religious and consiteritave people. (religious and spiritual are two completely different things. I believe religious is stick to the book and spiritual is everything else)

So why should we be trying to get the church on a state matter?

Marriage is a LEGAL GOVERNMENT document, binding two people together. There doesnt have to be church involved. So i find it so stupid when people are saying "god created adam and eve not adam and steve".

God created all of these people too, and he created them perfect. So i dont see why YOU, a HOMOPHOB should freak out about it.

And, in some ancient cultures, homosexual relationships were considered sacred and were actually encouraged.

And next time y'all say "its stillĀ  bad, it wont ever change", Redheads were actually considered to be satin's children and were thought to be deadly. Now a lot of you guys think redheads are sexy. Change happens every day.
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Well guess what? It's insolence, and ignorance like the kind those idiots show, that gets them one sure thing...everybody up and shout it with me!


Thank you, audience!

Really liked your story. I do have hope for the future. The younger generations seem to be much more accepting. Things do seem to be changing fairly rapidly with several US states passing marriage equality bills this last election. Don't want to have to wait for them to just die off (the haters).

Well, we need to change. Everything about the world is changing and if we stay the same, well then our worlds are gonna crash in around us.

Agree on all points. Very intuitive thoughts my friend. My only pet peeve is that at least 50% of all marriages end in divorce. I suspect it might be the same with gay marriage. I am not at all against gay marriage. What bothers me are all those SOB shyster divorce lawyers that will have more business than ever and benefit financially big time. I don't like divorce lawyers. I think they are the scum of the earth!!!! Yes I am divorced and see what these sleazy so called professionals put people through.

I agree. Divorce happens too often. I believe that if two people really love eachother enough to get married, they can work though anything. Usually its another person involved who breaks them up. If people actually respected that this person is taken, there would be less divorce. You need to fix it, not just walk away. Ya know? Unless the other is a lier and a cheater.

Thanks. People are idiots. I love my dad and my pops and I love my big brother who ever he chooses to be with.

People are idiots. I am so glad you like it.

anyone who does love redheads is not very smart. Passionate, fun and smart. What a combination. Kiss your fiance and give the lucky stiff a hug.

Thank you. But you see how times change? Things change?

The difference is the bible encourages a man and a woman to be married and condemes man and man or woman and woman. That's why people accept man and woman and there's controversy over gays and lesbians.

And the bible also stated that you should kill these people. Yet no one is doing that. It also says that eating pork is bad, yet people do that. And adulterating is bad. Yet people do that.

The reason is some unreligeous people do crazy things like that

Religious people do that too. There was a lady on here called "hardcorsechristinslut". The bible was just created as a guidelines. It was bad to eat pig because pigs took up as much water in the desert as humans rather than goats or camels. Marriage was created because if a whole bunch of women were sleeping around with a whole bunch of other guys, how would you know that kid was yours? And how would you know that this kid got your land and money if it wasnt yours? Besides, people think christ was a single, tall, white man. Because of HIS religion, he would have been married, but the church doesnt want him married because Jesus having children would be too complicated. And because where he lived, everyone now days, if they saw him, would believe he was a terrorist. And if god created eve from adam, they would share blood. So that would be ******. Which is against the bible.

I agree from the bottom of my heart.

One more thing: As the bible claims we are all descended from Adam and Eve, their children must have bred with each other so ****** is the start of humanity, according to the bible.

I am agnostic, and if I look at the development in religions: Until the Jews decided about their single, preferably male, god, the most powerful divine creatures were female(Isis, Astarte). In ancient Greece it was good behavior for men to have a male toyboy (underage usually), women were often claimed to be female oriented (the Amazones, the women of the island of Lesbos). Only the monotheistic religions claim this to be a sin.

Additionally monogamy is an invention of the catholic church, during the medieval age. In Polynesia a third gender is known: men living as women, they have the possibility to marry males and females, often both.

I would love to see the people to let anybody marry whomever they want, monogamous or polygamous.

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This post is amazing, kudos to you and your intelligence. I wish there would be more people with those views!

Thank you :)