Things Are Not Always Black And White

Everyone knows that most women have or would be intimate with another woman. It gets a little stickier concerning men.
I've heard several men admit they were bisexual but leaned one way or the other. I think I am 70/30. Overall I am 70% attracted to women and 30% attracted to men. I've heard gays joke about how they would screw a good looking blonde. I've met many married men who only do men when they are hundreds of miles from home where they are staunch anti-gay pillars of the community. So I think there's a lot of grey area. Many guys would suck **** if they knew no one would find out. That's how I got started, on business trips at my first job.
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I always leave something out. I think some men and women are 100% gay. I was just saying many are bi and just lean heavily one way that's all.

You are probably right.
Its societies rules that syop beong what we eant