I Like You All!

I have gay or homosexual friends and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

My gay guys are amazing! We can play video games, watch scary and thriller movies together, go shopping for clothes and clubbing at very interesting places. I am a fan of drag shows and their queens.

My lesbian female is fun, feminine not masculine, loves to be active, watch action movies, and knows how to have a good time either going out or staying in.

As for me, I can't really tell when a person is not straight because I friend people based on their personalities and abilities to have fun.

I have straight friends of course. I have slightly more straight females than males at this time but that doesn't change anything. I like hanging out or being with both males and females.

I've also met some bi-sexual people online and wouldn't mind meeting them in person. It's amazing how wonderful it is to connect with a person on so many different levels.
Neja88 Neja88
22-25, F
Dec 11, 2012