Love One Another...

I was brought up in a very conservative family. Even if the word "gay" would come up, it was something horrific. From an early age I was brainwashed to never associate with them. Now since I have realized how pathetic that is, I feel bad that at one time I hated gay people. Every encounter I have ever had with a gay person, was very pleasant and kind. They never disappointed me. I think I have had worse interactions with fellow Christians, then with gay people. I'm a Christian, but what right do I have to hate gay people or anybody else? They're the same people as everyone else. Jesus loves them just the same. So why don't Christians love them? We are all sinners... it doesn't matter how hard you try to be the best Christian, you will still sin. So how can I judge anyone, when I don't have that right. I'm not God, I don't get the privilege to judge people no matter what they do. We seem to forget that the biggest commandment is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. So why can't we just love, like Jesus loves us? I wish more Christians would stop hating on gay people and would take a look at themselves. 
justlana justlana
18-21, F
Dec 12, 2012