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I'm straight, and most of my family are all very conservative, but the other day, while my grandparents were here, politics were brought up. They're so religious and so against gays, bi-sexuals, cross dressers, drag queens, etc. it irritates the **** out of me. But as I was saying, they brought up gay marriage and just started bashing on it. I brought up my opinion, if you haven't guessed, I support gay pride and straight pride affectionately, and I was told off for being brought up in a Christian home and being pro gay pride. What exactly is the problem with society ? This is just as much prejudice as those back in the days who segregated from blacks. Now, gay pride is inappropriate and crude. All I have to say, people, is that I support all sexualities and I think every person is entitled to their own lifestyle. I adore every one of you<3 "I don't care if you're straight, just as long as you act gay in public."
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I really don't get it either. I am a girl raised by two men and my big brother is gay and I love his boyfriend to death, he's like another big brother. To me being gay, lesbian and Bi is more normal than being straight.

Hmmm.. Well I would talk to your grandparents about the lessons of tolerance the bible teaches regularly. Believe it or not, it's worth reading that book, for sake of argument you can stop hypocritical conversation in it's tracks.

My grandparents are VERY religious and have read and taught lessons in the bible to other people, yet they still feel as though they are entitled to a greater opinion and that they're better than people and believe any sort of sin is completely wrong. I don't believe in judgement. I know a good Christian never judges anyone because its God's job to judge, but they still consistently judge. I don't know.

Yes. :)

Society hasnt got the problem,,, its the people within ,,,you have to accept peoples views ,,, Yours differ from your grandparents,,,

It just makes me angry that people like my grandparents think that bisexuals/gays are lesser people.

Yes I understand,, but i guess you have to be the bigger person and dont let their beliefs get under your skin,,

That's true !