It Shouldnt Matter

it shouldnt matter, but to alot of people it does. why should someones sexual orientation make a difference on how they are veiwed by others? we are taught growing up that a man and a women get married and have children. while this is true for most, i am one of many in the exception to the rule. i am gay. im still a person like any other. i watch movies, listen to music, work, etc... the kind of person that others should be concerned with is someone who is a serial killer or child molester or an arsonist. those are the people that id be worried about. the way i see it is if youre a straight guy that hates gays take a minute to think about something. if someone is gay then they arent going to be chasing after a woman that perhaps you might be after. a little less competition. i cant speak for all the gay guys on this one but if i know youre straight im not going to hit on you or flirt with you or anything. id be just one of the guys. i might give you a ******* if you asked though
1nakedninja4u 1nakedninja4u
36-40, M
Dec 14, 2012