You're Still A Person No Matter Who You Like :)

Homophobia is such a stupid word. People aren't scared, they're just idiots who aren't willing to listen to people who are gay or lesbian or bisexual or any other sexual orientation :) If I like girls, guys or neither that shouldn't affect your decision on whether or not you like me as a person :) People should be judged on how they treat others...not on who they fancy :)

I personally like people. I've gone through all the labels and decided I don't fit in any of them. I fall for personality much more than appearence. I find a sense of humour or intelligence much sexier than a six pack or a great legs. What someones gender is has no influence what so ever on my attraction to them :)
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and i meant no matter who or what we look like dress like like no one should judge others for tht everyone has a reason to live but those who are mean to people for things like i said make the person being hurt more depressed sad and mad siuicide occur everyday and thousands of killing becuase of bullying shootings of bullys cutting which is bad burning skin doing drugs drinking to relieve stress i use to self injure in middle school my 2nd best freind betrayed me and i was cheated on and called a *** and pushed down and beated and insulted everyday my best freind was suicidal at the time from all the bullying he got (he was gay) he still is but he died not from suicide from being hit by a car ill always miss him R.I.P Andy

i had typos in tht too lol

wow im attracted to girls for personalitie but guys im attracted to body structeure face and personalitie is there like some special name like pokesexual for tht or what lol i love pokemon
and what people like or race, weight, music, sexuality, or style is something we shouldnt ever judge people more but i guess the world cant be perfect those who are judge mental hippocrytical or physically beat people for there whole entire life are punished to enternal damnation or what i think hell is a world of nothing completelonliness with know ruler except itself

i think the new label for myself (even though i have considered myself a bisexual tranny my whole life) is pansexual also known as omnisexual... where your attracted to someone by personality..... its really interesting........ hugs

Hehe yes, I usually (if I have to) identify as pansexual :) hehe.. So happy for you :) :) hugs x

Whoever anonymously thanked me, you're very welcome :)