Experimenting With Friends

Hey all!
For my first post, I'll dive in at the deep end. Straight to the point.

I have this one friend who I have know for 3 years and I've always looked at him in a slightly different light to everyone else. The way he walks, the way he talks and everything about him just seems... right.

He came over to my house a few weeks ago and the events have taken place in a similar fashion, once before (month or 3 back) but will give the load down on this one.

We were at my computer, I was sat down and him on the bed behind, he stood up behind me and started commenting on what I was playing on, I turn round and say have a seat, gesturing towards the comfy chair next to me. He turns round and sits down on my knee, which I was cool with.

As I continue typing, with great difficulty, he started to play with my knee, slowly touching it and rubbing it with his hands. I do the same in the back if his thigh and before long, he slowly grabbed my hands and put it over his region.

As I continued to gently rub him, he took my hand and put it inside of his trousers. Slightly shocked and stunned, I questioned myself as to what to do. I just carried on as I had and before long we had to have dinner.

Returning from dinner, he jumps onto the bed as if to go to sleep and I sit next to him, asking what he wants to do next. I offered suggestions such as TV, DVD's and the XBOX, all he turned down. I questioned him, "what do you want to do then?" He replied with a gesture to continue where we left off.

I asked what he wanted me to do, he replied with whatever. I ended up taking it out and gently stroking, up and down, up and down. As my arm grew tired, he noticed, asking me if I wanted to do something else (meanwhile he was tending to my needs in much the same way). I said I was having fun to which he pushed on the back of my head.

I knew what he wanted, and I gave it to him. He froze, saying that I must have done it before (I hadn't) and how amazing it was. We were interrupted by the arrival of my parents through the front door so we quickly got changed and went to greet them.

Although we don't discuss it as regular conversation, motions, gestures and small hints are enough to let me know that he enjoyed it. Would I do it again? Oh yeah!
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