Im Lost

Its to the point that im starting to have doubts in myself. We have been together for years and I love him with all my heart. I honestly dont know what I would do if I lost him. I want to marry him and have a family. For some reason though I cant stop cheating. I thought I had an explanation in the beggining but I cant even think of a reason now. Even when I tell myself that I wont do it again and im going to behave because I dont wanna lose him but I always find myself doing it again. Maybe I should see someone about it. Like a therapist or something. Im starting to feel like its more of an addiction than a pleasure and the worst part is I dont even enjoy it half the time. Can someone give me some advice or something I dont want to lose this man. But I feel ive lost control of a battle with myself and I cant get back where I wanna be. Why do I feel like im gonna be a cheater forever when I know this is NOT who I wanna be...
Dreamlife12 Dreamlife12
Jan 7, 2013