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I have a friend who is gay and i am bi. and i dont care what people say because i am me and yeah its life and i dont mind having gay friends and my mates dont mind me being bi but they do take the mick by saying dont touch me. but im used to it. so if ur bi or gay then be proud and dont let people change u cuz it is ur choice.
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lol really immature word at end

i do too "id give up forever to touch you cause i know that u feel me somehow" quate song iris by googoodolls/ covered by until the end and motionless in white this quate matches a felling of true love love tht some feel when they see the opposite sex love tht others feel when they see the same sex love is beutiful no matter gay straight bi pan trans querr it is beatiful all who dont love ones love only cause they date the same sex are mean

i wish the whole world could think this way, too.

Yeah so do i x