Westboro The Devil Inside

wesbro has a f****** creepy message when you click on the number for gay rights thts way too long to listen to the whole thing it starts out like this"if your calling about gay rights yikes etc.." the message is really disturbing and creepy insert reagan exorcist here like seriously this message sounds like some sychopath is running the place "hypnos lullaby, and saw" ok if u think gays go the hell go f*** yourself westbro you cant reason with them ive tried they sound like emotionless robots like i protested against them once and one came out and all he said is youll rot in hell fagget they ar one sided and narcicisstic thinking anyone different than them goes to hades. p.s. im a guy

srry if i hurt anyone i just dont like them they hurt my freind and I
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Jan 15, 2013