I Have A Soft Spot In My Heart For Those In The Lgbt Community

I always have since I have heard stories of my gay friends...hurt from rejection from families or friends. I've seen the effects of violent homophobes and it angers and saddened me.
But, now there is a more and deeply personal reason.
My daughter came out a couple of years ago.
Our family...is pretty much fundamentalist hardcore Christian. Initially, she came to me, saying she was planning to go move away. To hide that she was a lesbian.
I had told her
"Oh Hell no, you will not! I raised you better than that. You be who you are. Live with courage!"

I said I'd have her back....and fight every single one if I have to.

I am so proud of her. She came out bravely, publicly. A freedom fighter for the lgbt community. Intelligent, feisty, artistic....a beautiful heart.
She fights her own battles. In the articulate, sweet way she has. She is far more than I am.
I get angry with the ignorant comments. I come out swinging...the Momma Bear...
Protective, still...
This week she turns 21.
This is my ode to her....

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Your a great mom

Thank you :)

This is a really great example to us parents of how to love our kids unconditionally! I honestly don't know how I would feel if one or more of my four preferred homosexuality. It would be hard for me to take, as one who was raised in the hardcore traditional Christian way like yourself! And yet.... those are our children, and they always will be no matter what! I've begun to realize that the church / organized religion is not the expert they claim to be on personal relationship issues. Just look at how ****** up marriages can be! They tell you not to live together "in sin" before marriage, and many still tell you that artificial birth control is a sin, and "oh by the way, marriage is forever". So they don't let you "try before you buy" or reduce the stress of unexpected children for the biggest relationship you will have forever. Yeah that makes real sense! LOL Sheesh I got on my soapbox there! Your daughter was, is, and always will be a wonderful person deserving of unconditional love from whoever she decides that will be!

I think what is Christian...would be to love...and not judge. It doesn't always seem like that. I was raised that way...and while some remain...I prefer to philosophy based than....theologically..
For myself...
People love to speak on sin...I always wonder if they've actually read the Bible. Lmao!

LMAO first let me say I think you are an awesome Mom, for being so acceptant and protective of your daughter. Secondly, I think you are right. Christ himself said to "love God, and love one another". I think the problem creeps in where organized religion is forced to "take a position", so rather than "encourage" all of their followers to engage in this "sinful" behavior, they take a judgmental position that says it is wrong. I agree with you about the hypocrites by the way... :-)

I hesitate to judge other peoples faith..regardless of what it is...then I become a hypocrite myself, right? I think if there were a more loving acceptance of each other...this world would be a better place. I try to do that....I believe and strongly I can have a positive effect.
I've tried to teach my children to be good, hardworking, thoughtful people. They are....and I'm proud.

Can't disagree with you! If you think back to the roots of Christianity, many Pharisees in the Jewish faith knew their ritualistic practices well, and criticized many gentiles (or lesser Jews) for not knowing them as well, but they did not have God's love inside them. I'm sure God would not approve of despising homosexuals or bisexuals....

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