My First Time With A Man

Hello all,

I would like to share an experience I had when I was 17. My family lived in a flat and I would often go to the gym before coming home for lunch. We lived on the 5th floor and we were friends with a couple in their mid thirties that lived on the fifth floor. Both were good looking, he was an easy going friendly, very personable type. She was very good looking but didnt have a nice personality.
Although they loved each other they had frequent arguments. His name was Bill.
I often shared the elevator with Bill, he was always warm with a nice smile and I felt drawn to him. there was chemistry. We often held our gave a second longer than normal when we met..

One day, coming back from the gym, met him walking back home. He gave me a nice smile and we chatted as we walked. As we entered the elevator, he invited me to his flat for a coke. I accepted, intrigued and with some butterflies in my stomach.

I stood in the living room as he explained his wife will be home late. we chatted some more and he put his hand on my forearm and left it there.. I smiled and he stroked my arm and embraced me from behind. He started kissing my neck. I tilted my head sideways to give him access. I could feel his **** hardening. We ******** and he gave my whole body a tongue massage. I was so horny for him.....

I was nervous but I wanted him badly. He ended up penetrating me and giving me a very good going over.

My head was spinning as I got dressed. He told me not to say anything to anyone, I nodded and went up to my flat.

I was worried that my flushed appearance would give something away to my mother. She smiled, commented I was a little late and served up lunch.
As she did, I remember I could feel Bill's ***** leaking out of my but and running down my cheeks.

U nfortunately, we never repeated the experience. He always seemed a little embarrassed by what happened.
maquina maquina
41-45, M
Jan 16, 2013