Teaching The Next Generation

I have 4 kids and 2 are teenagers and 2 are almost teens. When giving them the "sex talk" and the info they need regarding growing up I also included and continue to include the possibility of them not being heterosexual. I have told them I don't care who they date as long as the person is nice and makes them happy. When they come home with the gossip of who's been kissing who ect I ask them have they been kissing any boys/girls lately. My kids have such a wide knowledge on the whole situation that my 10 yr old daughter informed me one day "I don't know why people are so upset if their kids r gay, they can still get grand kids from adoption like other people who cant have babies". Their uncle was gay (passed away 2 years ago) And he had such a hard time from our mum and family that I am determined my kids will know we will love them no matter what. Hopefully they will pass on their equality knowledge to their kids and we can slowly get a less ignorant world.
Unsociable1 Unsociable1
31-35, F
Jan 18, 2013