6th Grade

I was raised in a childrens home. Being taken away from my parents at a very young age and introduced to sex early. I was with a lot of girls, they were available almost all the time and nobody seemed to notice when the two of us would sneak off and return a short time later. I had my favorites and over the years there were countless episodes of sex. Sex everywhere and many hiding places. Under the stairs, in closets, under beds, in the basement and the playhouse. I did everything that I knew to do, both vaginally and anally with never a complaint. I thought it was normal at least in our little world, until one day and older boy older than 17 told me it was time for my bath and took me into the bathroom where there was already water in the tub. I undressed and got in and he washed me then I got out and he dried me off. But then he said for me to lay on the rug in front of the tub and he went and locked the bathroom door. I didn't think anything of it at first but then he started to lick my butthole, he told me not to look and then he got on top of me and without any fanfare started ******* me full on. He was putting his tounge in my ear and whispering to me that he bet my **** was getting hard, but it was not. I had so many thoughts running though my head while his big **** was touching the inside of my stomach it seemed. Then he just lay there having ***, got up and told me to dress and not tell anyone which I didn't because I didn't want anyone to know. I tried to go on with life as usual and continued to **** all the new girls and my old girl friends of all ages, because it wasn't about age it was about if it would fit in and if they liked it or not. I had a few that did not like it and sometimes they were my favorites. I would wait until night when everyone was asleep and sneak into their rooms and wake them up and do them on the floor almost getting caught a thousand times but never caught. Then that older boy would give me a bath and he would just automatically expect me to lay on the floor and he would **** me too. One summer day another boy told me that the neighbors farm hand would pay some money if he could **** me in my butt but he wouldn't tell anyone about it so right then I knew my secret was already out in our small circle. He took me to the barn and this older man told me to go up to the hayloft and pull down my pants and lay on the bed of hay he made for me. He paid my friend the money then came up the stairs to the hayloft and asked me to look at how large his **** was, it was huge and then he asked me if I thought it would fit in, I said yes, I had no idea but he got on top of me and put some vasaline on his **** and put the head in and asked me if it hurt. No it didn't so he said he would put a little more in and it went on that way for at least an hour. I kept thinking to myself now more people know about this but I didn't know how to stop it. He increased the motions finally and came inside me so big because for the rest of the day I had hay and *** in my underwear. The other boy said he climbed to stairs and watched me getting ****** so there was no way I could lie out of it, I kept telling him nothing happened but he saw it with his own eyes. So now when he took a bath he made me jack him off, and almost once I started to suck on it but he already came. I finally got moved away from there when the county split us all apart, but since I was a ward of the state I went to another childrens home. I was getting older but the places they placed me at were coed and I still had trouble sleeping at nights. I would slip out of my room and slowly walk down the stairs to the girls rooms and come in, pick the one I wanted to be with and take her by the hand back up stairs to my room,because there were no other boys my age on my floor and I had privacy. I would lick their *****, lick their *** and **** them in both holes and when it was over walk them back down stairs to make sure we didn't get caught. I think you would be surprised how many times this went on before the age of 14 and how many girls that would go along with this and never say a word about it to anyone. I finally got adoped out to a family where there were no other kids just me and the mom was young about 23 and had real big ****. I used to go to the dirty laundry and smell her underwear and ********** thinking about her often. When they both found out I could give back rubs I got to rub her back and many times I would put her to sleep doing that then smell her butt and try to smell her *****. A few times I would give her full body rubs and focus my attention on her *** and let my fingers brush across her vagina but she would never let me do anything more. I finally got caught with a friends of theirs daughter ******* her in her butt and me being older they sent me away and I never had to face them again out of embarrasment. I got married young but continued to see many teen girls and sometimes their sisters. Once I was in bed and this 8 year old sister of the girl I was seeing jumped on top of me when I woke up, she was wearing only underwear so I got myself off with her body through the sheets and she seemed to know what I was doing but never said a word to anyone either. Over the years there has been countless women and girls, and yes a few men too, me being the bottom for a few of them because I enjoy it sometimes. I have seen so much ***** though. I was working on cars one winter for a car lot and he sent me to this house with jumper cables to start a car, it was bitterly cold outside and I knocked on the door and this girl answereed the door naked and said come in. I couldn't take my eyes off her ***** as she sat across from he on her couch but she didn't seem to mind. I asked her for a glass of water just to see her walk and she got it and sat back down with her legs spread wide open for me to see. I asked her where her parents were and her mom answered were still in bed and I will be right down, I told her it would take a while for the car to get charged up so she could just stay in bed and she said good, and thank you for coming. After a little bit I asked the girl if she was cold she said a little bit so I put my arms up like I would give her a hug and she came right over and put her arms around me. My hands went around her butt and I squeezed both cheeks spreading her *** enough for me to put a finger in her ***** from the back and I fingered her until I heard someone walking down the stairs. She hurried up and went back to the couch and covered up just in time for her mother to walk around the corner not suspicting anything and I kept thinking I had really messed up this time the girl would tell, but once again she did not. I went outside and the car started right up, so I left. About a month later we were all the a mall together at the same time and the girl came and hugged me in front of her parents and they just smiled back at me. If they only knew.
Underwoodz6 Underwoodz6
Jan 22, 2013