Mom I'Am Bisexual

I'll talk to my mom about LGBT, an at some point I'll drop hints about being bisexual; but all she says is "well your not so why worry?"
The thing is I've had just as much dreams about girls as guys. I do worry ,about her still loveing me if I let her know.
I'm 13 I don't what to have to think about this stuff.
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And you don't have to - until it worries you too much.
Mom will always love you. She may be angry or sad or disagree with your deeds and life in common. And she would be. She takes care of you and wants the best for her child, but she is not sure what's that best exactly. Here is where the conflicts come from. So try to relax. It's uneasy and confusing to discuss your personal life with your parents. They may miss your musings if there are only doubts instead of real affair with guy or girl.
Good luck!

Your a really nice guy (^_^)

Thank you ;)