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Hells Yeah

I don't think our sexualities need to be put in narrow boxes of gay, straight, bi.. whatever. Isn't it such a "high school" thing to feel like we need to explain and justify our own sexual lives to each other? Isn't it childish that some people drag "morals" into it? We owe no one an explanation of what we're attracted to or what fetishes we may have or the kind of person we love or what's between their legs.

I don't think we were all put here on this incredibly diverse planet just to be in heterosexual relationships either. Variety is good and beautiful! If it feels right to you, you should do it... plain and simple. Sexuality is fluid and changing. :)
garbagequeen garbagequeen 18-21, T 1 Response Feb 18, 2013

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I agree with you 100%, especially about sexuality being fluid and changing. I know from experience that how you feel at one point in your life may be totally different at another point in time. I have run the gammit and learned never to judge anyone about their activities. I believe you should go with your feelings and try not to hurt anyone along the way.

That's how I see things as well! Some people place a lot of importance on identifying with a certain group: "I AM gay" or "I AM bi". Which is fine of course! But as you said, we're changing all the time! Best to remain open to possibilities I find :)