Well, tomorrow I'm going to come out to my grandma. It's either going to go very well, or very badly. But she's the only one in my family who I can confide in. I know bisexuality can be hard to grasp for some people, but I'm going to keep trying. I came out to my mother years ago and it ended up horribly. I just want one person, ONE person in my family to accept it- not necessarily be ok or agree with it, but just accept that it's me. I want some confidence that if I marry a woman my side of the aisle won't be totally void of my family. That perhaps there'll be a place on christmas we could visit.
I've been rejected my whole life by so many people and my family was always there, but not for this one. This is where the people around me who don't know me are supportive. As much as the support is appreciated- I think it's just sick that my own flesh and blood would reject it and then proceed to make rude remarks about it in front if me.
I'm tired of feeling alone.
Wish me luck with my grandma tomorrow.
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Happy days Hun

I figured I'd update you guys. My Grandma was completely accepting of it.
It went very smoothly :)

Trying to explain your inner feelings can be a hard task,it's who you are inside,that's hard to get out into the world,when I came out as been transgender n a transvestite,I think it took my family near 6 months before it sunk in,but in all fare ness it was a bit of a bundle to drop on the clan,jezuz the expressions on their faces,swear I just murdered n butchered the the Vatican,the holy water was flying n the rosary was out,fire n brimstone etc etc,n we still don't talk much,so tread carefully Hun

Good luck, hopefully she'll give you the understanding you seek.

Good luck w/ that

Good luck you'll feel much better afterwards

If your family is truly like that, then it's time to cut ties with them. My family doesn't know, nor would they care (the exception being my mother's side). I simply feel like that part of me is none of their business, but I think I will tell them eventually myself. Good luck, I hope it ends well. If not, your invited to my first family christmas.

I think your right, your sexuality is your own. The problem starts when you feel that you have to keep things a secret. It's the holding things back that can take a toll on yourself. Once it's in the open, a weight is lifted of your shoulders and you don't have to remember what you may or may not have once said.

I totally agree with you, it isn't any of their business. I'm only going to do this as more of a comfort thing. Family is very important to me. If any ties will be cut, I'll let them make the first move. Hopefully it'll never come to that and I'm completely wrong for even worrying.
Thanks for the offer :) Christmas is my favorite holiday, equal to Thanksgiving. :)

I hope they learn to accept you, but you know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Yes, well I'm not going to drop my family

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Good luck to you Twichi, my son didn't tell me he was gay until around 21 as well but I was very upset that he had waited that long and that he did not have enough trust in me to let me know.

My wife and I couldn't care less one way or the other. But in the 8 years or more that he new, he had to keep his friends away from us and he didn't feel that he could bring them home.

It was very difficult for him to keep that to himself.

He is 26 now and I am still upset over it.

He is now home and living with us but he has friends over and let's us know what happening in his life and that is great.

I wish my mother was accepting, but that's a story in itself.

Coming out to family is the toughest thing, no one else really matters. Hope it goes well.

Good luck and I hope that your grandma will understand.

I hope so, thank you

Good luck and you are very welcome.