When a gay person says "you're gay, you just won't accept it yet" to a bi person, it's just as bad as a straight person saying "you're straight, you're just going through a phase" to a gay person.
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It's mostly close minded people that are like that my mom says there's no such thing as bi she says your one or the other lol I'm straight but you can't just say that as if you know how every person on the planet feels and how the human mind functions let everyone be happy and be themselves don't force them to be something to fit society's mold

Sorry but I think bi people are just playing around or they gay and just trying to be with the opposite sex to please other people.

This person is a troll. Don't waste your energy. Best to just ignore it.

Don't know any bi people.

Little girl go play with the rest of the children.

I'm finding that, on EP at least, there is quite a large contingent of people who don't understand what either one means. There's even a group I stumbled upon the other day called something like, "I'm Bi, But I Like Guys, Too". Uh...Hello? Being bi means you like both genders.

My personal philosophy is that the co-mingling of the various sexual orientations is still new enough that there's just a lot of confusion going on. People don't know the respectful way to talk to someone of a different orientation because there are no clear rules that everyone is taught, yet (like kids are taught to say "please" and "thank you"). The best thing you can do is try to educate them or walk away.

A good counterpoint to that statement might be: "And, of course you would know that, because you've made the choice to be gay." When they get mad at that (because, obviously, being gay is not a choice), you can point out that what they've said to you is just as offensive.

Why do we need rules? Oh I know because some can lead, and some can only follow! Again labels like just so limit anyone's possibility but allow others to have possibility!

Every society has rules, whether you like it or not. Rules allow large groups of people to live together in at least a semblance of harmony. When everyone understands that certain behaviours are polite or offensive, then we at least have default behaviours that we can be reasonably sure won't offend and start a fight when we meet someone new. Common rules that help us get along are things like: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you; don't take what's not yours; wait your turn; don't hit/kick/bite/etc. someone else. I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point.

As I already pointed out, the open co-mingling of the different orientations is relatively new and so there will be a learning curve for everyone. We're just going to have to be the ones to hang on in the roller coaster so the ride will be smoother for future generations.

Who said anything about labels? I'm not a fan of them, myself. Be who you are and enjoy your life.

I get it why rules exist! And agree! Still hate them! Being one who mitigate their own risks and responsibilities, rules should never inhibit free expression or honest progress provided those things do not in fridge on another's. Unfortunately the masses don't understand freedoms and responsibilities and their costs, thus we have a burdensome tier of stupid legislation.

You have now veered off into an entirely different topic of how governments work (or, in some cases, don't). I don't care to get into a political debate with you. Rules don't have to inhibit free expression or honest progress--in fact, the US constitution did it's best to try to guarantee these things, along with "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"--but they will always be necessary for large groups of people to coexist. The fact that you hate rules is immaterial.

It's not immaterial to me, as it effects my ability to contribute what I feel I should, and yes, rules are so political! And yes the constitution is the greatest attempt to balance order and individual freedom. And yes that is my bone of contention. As people have allowed our government to courier the intent of the constitution, which was predicted.

Okay, we're now having two entirely different discussions and so there is no point in continuing. I wish you well in your efforts to fix the problems created by those in power but you will never be able to overcome the need for rules in a society. You may be able to accomplish changing them (and, in many case, I hope you do), but not eliminating them.

That's the problem with complacency! We you do not believe you ca effect change you will not! The problem I have is not so much with rules (your the one who rebutted me contrast to them) is the with the abuse of powers you must have rules in which those powers are garnered. If you believe all rules are for the betterment of society, you then allow the absolute deletion of personal freedom. With that we both agree that a society can not exist without a rule of order. But when the majority of followers can do nothing but what the law or rule speaks to, then you limit the free expression if personal thought and limit ones ability to make a discussion for themselves. This accomplishes nothing more then a dependency which, power always loves!

For someone who hates rules, you sure like to apply them to others. The rule you have just applied is: Because I refuse to automatically kowtow to your opinion, I MUST be complacent. You know nothing about me and I have no desire to enlighten you. But you're quick to label me thus, even though you claim to hate labels. Leaders, followers, "the masses". I guess labels are good for others, but not you...

Find a place in my posting where I said that ALL rules are for the betterment of society. I never made any such claim. Never will. You are trying to claim you know all about me (or heck, ANYTHING about me) but you don't even bother reading what I've posted to understand its full meaning. You'd rather rant on your soapbox. Oh, and I didn't rebut you on rules at all. I stated my opinion and have held firm to it throughout. You chose to respond to my post, not the other way around.

I know good and well I can make a difference in the world and have always done my part, as I see fit. I just don't believe that getting into any of it with you is going to change anything at all. You seem to have a lot of anger. Maybe it's justified. Either way, I hope you find a way to let go of it so that you can channel your efforts more productively, because ranting about governmental policy in response to a topic about a personal exchange between two individuals and then hurling insults at someone who refuses to stroke your ego is the least effective method of change I can imagine.

I believe you have both the strength and the intelligence to effect some changes in the world. But this isn't going to be the way it occurs.

And I'm not sure you are correct in your "two dussions" thesis! As I hate rules because I am responsible and independent, because I respect rules that create my ability to be free and independent. What we have today so contrasts my perspective on individual liberty that my opinion of people that don't see this are sheep willing to be lead to slaughter.

And as so I will condemn the act of doing so, loudly enough that others may get it!

Overt power an act of creating oppressive rules.

I prefer passion not tirade. And you did start this by telling me your passion for an orderly society. :)

Your interpretations for peace require rules and order. Passionate enough for me.

We all strive and create input for the world we desire. As we should, I just fear those who believe only rules are the means to that end. I also fear that to many believe that they can only abide and adhere to rules. When a person advocates as you have "rules first, utopia possible in the later, as a result of those rules, I get extremely suspicious of a Orwellian society. And because most believe that Oder only comes from rules and not from freedom with knowledge of responsibilities.

Wow!! And I have tirads?!

I'm not the only person in this world who's opinion matters! I am a person in this world who like you is passionate about their opinion, no different then you! To try to demonize me for having passion and concern that labeling is harmful. Justifies my point, that I and my "opinion" are not the problem.

Wow! Just wow! What are you some kind of auditor? Like some one that has to count and control and keep track, are all your spice labels facing forward? Just to point out, my opinion is that I hate laws and labels. Your opinion is that you feel they are necessary to control the masses. I believe in the freedom of an individual. You believe we are not free and could not be until we have a utopian society which you think will never occur.

How I arrive here and the bs I've heard in my life are my opinions disagree with them of you wish. But don't try to insult me into being wrong. I just can't help wonder how and why you have even bothered to try to contradict or even discuss this as it's clear to me. Unless that is if you are one who enjoys being controlled or likes to control?

You don't need to say them, your aura speaks quite loudly. And that you compare me to your mother is another wonderful compliment to me! Thank you! Have a wonderful day, get back to me when you can respect your mom and another's opinion.

You know I am continually amazed by those who believe themselves to be smart purely based on what they believe are others faults! And that the can remember big words and others inability. I'm also amazed by the claims of Non judgement and open mindedness. That is until faced with a persona or opinion they do not like. You live in your world, but know that you do not have a lock on it. You can site all kinds of deposition, and you can claim to be literate, but can you claim to have the resolve to do what matters? what will lift others up? that will bring peace prosperity and utopia to your controlled little empire? Again I have an opinion you didn't like it you tried to be smart, you got arrogant. I only disagreed which is my right, I only place more opinion about an ideology, you began to tear at my persona. I'm not sure how old you are, but I'm sure it's not old enough to be able to apply the experience behind your common knowledge and thought process. Continue as you will. But in the end you will never have the esteem I have as long as you continue to tear me down. No go apologize to your mother. I have no doubt you've brought sadness to her heart, a heart that only wants to do what is right for you!

Oh, and let's see, it 1030 here, I'm not sure what time it is where you are, in retired and doing productive things around my fully paid for home. You were up late last night and it appears you've been on line most of the morning, shouldn't you be working instead of eating popcorn and trying to put me down?

Oh I don't need to spin anything. Let it go let it go! Your youth and inexperience never bothered me any way!.. In fact I find youth quite wonderful. Bright ideas, not fatigued by all the battles. Willing to push the boundaries. Challenging the status quo. To bad though the youth of today haven't a clue. But they will! :)

My opinion has been strong, I pissed you off with my opinion. My opinion is not a law or a rule I do not require anyone to kowtow to it, it's out their in the air for some one to read and agree with or disagree with. But because I have one that is different then yours you accused me of desiring to control and in knowing exactly who and what you are. I know knowing of you, nor do I desire to. You seem to be someone who is smart enough to remember things but not cleaver enough to understand concepts which aren't rules they are systems of consequences and results. Have a great day!

Sorry, that wS meant to say corrupt! :)

And I'm not as tolerant of labels , as I believe that they are currently being used to divide, not unite. But yes, so many are naive to difference that it is helpful to have definitions, and laws. But to the naive, they can also become absolute, which they are not.

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I really hate it when others tell you what you are or who you feel. It would be better if they listened to you, and shared you they are and why they feel as they do. I'm a person that hates labels any way! And so what to them if "your going through a phase!" We all go through changes that develop our lives into who we are and how we think. It's our own life to live. Live it to your desires and don't worry about some who does get you or wants to tell you, you can't change them either.