You come across alot of people who have something to say on this topic but at the end of th day,you cant tell people how to live their lives and what to do,no matter what you do in life you are going to get people judge you no matter what being gay or bi its just another reason to stereo type you,so live life top the full and try not to let people single you out just because they have a problem with your sexually peference,remember its not your problem its those who has the problem with you....also you only live once and if you are happy and have found a person to love and treat you the way you want to be treated then fair play to you,its hard to find love in any shape of form these days cause these so many haters in the world today,and so many people who feel the need to comment hate crimes because of the gay thing,its some thing you cant get  away from most of the stars are gay and its more excepted these days apart from the few that are stuck bk in a time where you couldnt do much like the 40s be yourself and make the most of what you got and who you got and if you got no one,then its just a waiting game for the right person to find you..... 

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I with you sister!... thanks for that!