What Is The Big Deal?

Thoughts From A Straight Kid

I think it’s silly, that in this day and age, that it is still a big deal to come out and say your gay or bi. It’s the 21st century, surely we have moved past the pettiness. A persons sexuality doesn't define who a person is. It shouldn't matter AT ALL. How does a person sexuality make a difference to another? We all have the right to think and feel and love whoever we want. I have a couple of friends and a family member tell me they are straight/ bi, and I HATE the fact that they have been scared to tell people who they are. It’s horrible, and I can't imagine how difficult it must be. And for what, because people are too close-minded, and set on out-dated thinking from the 60's. I think people should be ashamed to ridicule people who aren't straight. It’s disgusting and I really think people need to wake up. We live in a world where there ARE straight, and gay, and bi-sexual people, get over it!

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Lol yay! You tell 'em! :D

The only real significance I can see is that the individual finally felt comfortable enough to come out. That's it.

Wow, we could all learn from that boy.

Sorry, or girl.

When you say a person's sexuality doesn't matter at all, do you include transexualism and paedosexualism?

I am raising my four children not to care. Their father opposed same sex marriage. .... so I divorced him!!! His brothers son recently " cam out " & his girlfrnds daughter prefers girls ....... ironic???

Your crazy. You were a bad wife in my opinion for divorcing your husband for supporting what the bible says. I guess he may have had to since a christian is only supposed to marry a christian and your obviously not one and im just guessing he was.

Yep, you're crazy: but in that wonderful spontaneous, stand by your belief that equality is AMAZING sort of way. Perhaps divorce was a little extreme, but maybe it taught him not to be so close minded.

Absolutely! Any guy that doesn't approve of same sex marriage must be some sort of a retard!!

I agree too its just hard to tell because they discramanet those who arenet straighy im a sisssy im scared to tell any1 I know i know that I feel more femenine the muscular

Hi, I found this guys on Youtube, he has a lot of videos that can help ! his name is Momo<br />
look him up, Momo from TheMomoZone, you can even send him a question :)

awesome attitude.. teach that to your children when you have them cause prejudices are learned (no one is born a bigot/homophobe/racist/prejudiced), and the only way to get rid of it is to teach acceptance.

I went thru the whole process... well much of it. I was at a crossroads and I moved to a very conservitive area. I am somewhat conservitive inspite of my sexuality. Most of the men I like are very straight and I prefer to make social contacts as a straight man and see myself that way in most other aspects of my life. I'm intellectual and don't really like sports or fishing. I like jobs like cashiering, teaching or baging groceries or waiting on tables. My life really changed when I quit drinking but now I party a little again so I have this secret life thing going on now again.<br />
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I don't really discriminate against sombody for being a vegan or a Buddhist or a republican. Somethings are way more important to me than attraction. Think about it, Do you want to pay my doctor bills?? You don't even know me. I understand why some people don't want healthcare... WE do need it to move forward. For everybody; Whether they are gay, straight.... and lets face it, some people are breaking the laws... 2 ADULTS. I had to learn that when I got sober. My boyfriends father was an alcoholic. I was or would have been judged for my actions, not my intentions. That is often how we look at ourselves by our intentions rather than our actions. Lables are for jars. People don't come with expiration dates.<br />
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A young man hung himself in a hotel room in this hometown that I moved out of outside of Chicago. He was a straight man mentoring teens in the big-brother program. There was a lot of confusion and he showed this boy a *****. He told his mother and church pastor and they were going to charge the older boy with a crime. <br />
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I was an alateen sponsor and I heard this and broke it off and had to move on from that experience even though my friend wasn't attending the alanon group. I told him I didn't start driving until I was 23. He said I'm trying to get my drivers license and I was currently suspended and needed somebody to drive. He graduated. I lost touch over the years. I went back to my lover and we stayed together for almost ten years. I don't know if I'm gay anymore but I'm not really straight either. I like everything about men. Woman are difficult and I don't like people that behave like them. I don't like ugly girls that spend way too much money on cosmetics and want you to pay for their children. They are usually being stalked by their dead-beat husbands. Avoid them. I know way too many of them right now. <br />
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Gay straight or bi, You are expected have stature, respect and boundries in your personal affairs. Some people think nobody cares what they are doing because they are young and in love. Learn from your mistakes as a child and grow up when your suppose to and avoid the emotional pain that comes with it when you fall in love for the first time as a grown adult. If your BI you can not devide your loyality choosing a same sex partner and fooli around countinuiously with the oposit sex in a stream of meaningless appointments. <br />
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Your lovers have feelings. You need to talk about them. Integrate love and sex. They are not two opposing fields like your bipolar disorder. The person I'm living with now is drinking themselves to death. Our friends have taken over our lives. I have an elderly father and I'm trying to get well. There is nothing wrong with my sexuality and my feelings. We are all in need of acceptance.

Lycas? What do you have against women? and buddhists, really? Sexist jerk, I don't like women that behave as immature as most men, like you.

For those of you who are still in high school and want to help the homosexual/bisexual kids, ask to start a GSA. It stands for Gay Straight Alliance. It is group where kids of any sexual orientation can interact without interference from the less than cordial students. My school has it and it is the largest extracurricular group at the school.

I consider myself straight But I accept people in the socalled LGBT community for their worth in the whole community of PEOPLE as to love and respect for all of us. Love thy neighbor!

I'm a 26 year old bi guy and I like to think I'm pretty normal. I enjoy sex woth both men and women, for different reasons. Womens bodies are softer, smoother, guys bodies are harder and hairier, but both to me are attractive. I love making girls and guys ***, guys create a lot more mess but are just as fun. I accept not everyone is bi, but why can't we just accept each other and enjoy each others company?

I agree on hundred percent. Wake up and smell the modern age.

I agree you are so right.

The song says what goes on behind closed,the problem is when doors are closed secerts are hidden when secerts are hidden problems arise .i have lived behind those doors for many years now at 56 my doors are open and i'am free. If you dont like it walk away and no feelings

Your right JD, and it SUCKS. I just don't see why people need to live that way. All it achieves is hatred, and divides the world into ANOTHER group of people who aren't different from anyone else

You live in a coastal city, don't you? I do, too...and it's a liberal city and well known for being liberal, and yet the threat is always there - come out at your peril. It's not constant, but people get beaten up often enough that one feels threatened all the time. The police - meh - not so helpful. <br />
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Someday, perhaps, your vision will be reality. It's sad to say it, but we're still working on much more obvious things, like say...inter-racial marriage. Yes, that's how far we have not come. So I'm thinking it's going to be awhile till we all are cool and it doesn't matter who ya do.<br />
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cheers!<br />
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tgrsldy- I think it is disgusting that even in this day and age, ppl still have that prejudice towards ppl who aren't straight. I would have thought we were past this by now. I think its sad, with society trying to become more "multicultural", that someones sexuality can be used against them.<br />
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CheekyGeek- EXACTLY, it kinda makes me think, "how far have we actually come?"<br />
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jrjh143- Thanks Kiddo =)<br />
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Abbie14 - Wow Abbie, and THAT is the problem. I just can't see why it matters what-so-ever. I think that is sooo sad, if someone is gay/ bi, they SHOULD be able to come out and say it to everyone, WITHOUT ridicule or judgement.<br />
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destiney24- Thanks Bro =)<br />
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flnut40- People should be PROUD of who they are, and they shouldn't have to hide a part of themselves. You are who you are, and it can't be changed, we are still all humans, people with feelings

Yes and it took me along time to come to that, no one is going to tell me what I can do and what I ca do just because I am a lesbian, Im 40 now it took till I was 21 to come out to my parents I am not hiding no more.. you will like me for the person that I am. not who I have a realtionship with..

KUDOS Reeceh. Thank you for this post.<br />
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The ONLY time someone's sexuality matters is if they plan on asking someone out. that is it. It sickens me that in this day and age Sexuality and gender roles are still an issue. You would think we as the human race would have Evolved pass that by now!!! <br />
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I couldn't agree with you more!! As the mother of two gay children, I can tell you that it's so very hurtful for people to show what seems to be an accepted prejudice in this day and time. It matters not at all to me who my kids are attracted to, or with whom they choose to spend their lives...the only thing that concerns me IS the prejudice.....<br />
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Thanks for this post!!<br />
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Just out of interest, how old are your kids?

My son is 36 and my daughter is 30.

Just for background, I also have a 28 year old "straight" son.

I really wish it was like that too. Think of how many less teen suicides there would be and how many fewer people depressed because they don't feel free to live their lives as who they really are. Luckily more and more people are adopting your point of view on these things, but unfortunately not nearly enough.

Thanks Mum =)

Yeah!! I totally agree!

Your right Laurie =)