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i was having this discussion at work the other day with a couple of my coworkers and i was literrally shocked when they said to me that they think that its wrong to be gay or bisexual. and that people that are gay or bi are gonna go to hell......HUH????  ithese were young women....they were my age and we grew up in a different time so i just couldnt believe the ridiculous bullshit they were saying. First off i dont believe that you can "choose" to be gay or straight or bi....i think its just the way u r ...its just how u feel ...not a chosen lifestyle...i knew at a very young age that i liked i would assume that it would be the same for everyone...just pure instinct. Then they were saying that its caused by a chemical imbalance. , that really it is a disability.....WHAT??.... so if that were true then people who were gay or bi really dont have a choice why would they go to hell for something they have absolutely no control over.... they were just born with a "malfunction" would kids born with other disabilities be going to hell as well? they wouldnt so why would gay or bi people go to hell then? because u dont like this "disability"? Now let me just state that i personally dont think being gay or bisexual is a disability , malfunction, or chemical just simply trying to point out the contradiction in my co workers statements.and not to mention their stupidity. I  think people should just be who they r wht is natural to them ....we all have the right to be happy ... and i think people need to get over it already and let live.

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That going to hell line is a joke. They just want everyone to live in a box so we can all be like them. They are scared, weak and insecure just like the rest of us. Afraid to tear down the walls of conformity and discover their REAL selves. More power to you... Be strong and defend the freedom to experience life. Adam

So many ignorant people regurgitate the hate filled indoctrinal dogma of religious organizations, or family members. Anyone who takes the time to do his or her own thinking on this issue should come to a conclusion that people are people first and they are straight, bi or gay people second or even third down the line. "Diagnosing" a gay person as having a chemical imbalance is just one way to show how stupidly ignorant you are. I hope you spoke up to your co-workers and gave them some food for thought!

Great post. I couldn't have said it better myself.

good i like when people agree with me ;) lol

I agree there's nothing wrong with being bi or gay. Thing I don't like is when I hear about people wanting to change there gender...that just freaks me out. Anyways yeah me if I meet and person I'll like them for who they are if theytell me there bi or gay I'm not really going to care because that is now important to me.

awww ur very welcome ....dont think ur evil or wrong for how u i said be u and when ur comfortable with it ull come out and remember that those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind...keep ur chin up :)

Yes, hearing that has made me feel alot better thank you. Some people I talk with in one of my classes were talkin about how they feel gays shouldnt be allowed in church or to take communion and how gays and Bi's are evil... me being a closet bisexual trying to force myself to be straight and hearing this kinda made me feel like crap all day. some here on EP tell me I should come out but then I would have to deal with these people who think the way they do. The world needs more people like you ^_^