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Women Are Good At Bullshitting :p Lol

when it comes to women pretending they are the queens of it . luckily im not as daft as i look lol

women are the kings of pretending and they do it well ........sometimes ;P

i remember an ex she was moaning out loud and after a few sex sessions i was like hold on this isnt real moans,

i said why you pretending to moan ??? she said "er...... (caught of guard) i thought thats what men liked ???"

i said no it just takes away the realness of it , it just loses the intimacy if its fake.

and i have alot of women say god your big , and they are totally bullshitting because ive measured and its only average. im not ashamed of it been average and i can see why a larger penis could be soo much more pleasant for a woman but then again a penis can be too big or they may have huge penis but havent got the motion of the ocean but anywhere yeah come on girls stop bullshitting us man :P we not as dumb as we look, well not all of us anyway :P lol
Johnny88 Johnny88 26-30, M 8 Responses Mar 11, 2011

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You are too much! So transparent that it becomes funny.

You're awesome! A man with a spine (and balls) is a rarity these days.

I was married for 5 years and my wife never had an ****** when i ****** her only when I used my fingers or tongue. She totally faked the ******* when I used my ****. I found this out after i found out she had been having and affair. I knew her lover and his **** is easily twice my size mine is 4" erect and not very thick - his is almost twice as long and doubly thick

Agreed. having a big penis is overrated. Especially if you are like me and have a high sex drive, which I do. Even my current wife who bragged before marriage that she could handle me all day everyday has greatly reduced the times we have sex. For goodness'<br />
sake, I just want to have all out **** sessions twice a week, LOL

but thats false confidence, just imagine if they ever encounter other guys that have huge penis it will be even more degrading for them, why put importances on it in the first place ? its only an issue when its made into an issue

I'll admit that I have pretended with a few guys and have told them they were bigger than what they really were but in my experience it's ego-boosting for them and they will generally perform more confidently. I'd rather be having sex with someone who is confident in their abilities rather than someone who is constantly insecure about the size of their penis. That's just me though.

yeah but i accept that alot of women do pretend :P <br />
<br />
it has been proven that if a woman cheats, the majority are far more likely to cover it up than mention it<br />
<br />
but im happy to play about with this belief :)

I never understood why a single woman would feel the need to "pretend" anything in bed. (Situation is different for a married woman especially someone who has been married a long time.) I think men appreciate it when you find a playful or delicate way telling him when you are not enjoying what he is doing to you. Don't assume that all women pretend because one of your lovers did it with you. And when a woman says to you that she thinks you're big...just accept it. She obviously lilkes what she sees.

Or maybe she's had tiny ones before and therefore average becomes big :)

You are right! Some girls do kind of embellish the truth. But the truth is ....what are you supposed to say to a guy when he out rightly asks? Ummm...your **** is just average honey. It's just meh! Guys put so damn much emphasis on their dicks. They want it worshiped!!!