According to My Wife It Does!

Since we have been together, we have only had penetratable sex about the first two years we have been together. The other twenty, have been spotty, with nothing more than just hand sex, between the both of us.

Before we met, she was married for about 9 years. Her ex had about eight inches. After about six months of us going together, she left me for a guy that had over eight inches, and according to her, knew how to use it, besides that he was suppose to be a better lover.

Even to this day, she tells me that my endowment doesnt even come close to the spot in her, where they did. She has been telling me for the past couple of years, that she wants the feeling again. I guess I can't blame her, so I went online, and found a couple into the swinging lifestyle. They met my wife, and talked, but she turned them down. She tells me this isn't right since we are married. She told me today, how she missed having a long one in her, and I told her that she had the chance to make that dream come true, but turned it down. She says that she turned him down, because it wasn't right, but hasn't stopped thinking about him. The wife of that couple also wants her way with my wife too, and that bothers her a bit. She did tell me if she did it, with the hubby, she wouldn't mind having her naked in bed with them. She figures this would only be right.

So I guess size leads to wanting it more. If someone has never had one larger than the one they are with, then let it be, but if you venture out for the larger one, be expected not to use the husbands again. LOL.
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My wife complains that my D*** doesn't get hard when she attempts to play with it. SHe says that its getting smaller. I keep reminding her it is big enough that she got pregnant twice with my D*** one is 29 the other is 27. Having paid some attention to my manly part I believe my wife may be right, Being in my low 60's It's getting smaller and my b***s are getting bigger. go figure!! I suppose that goes with territory when you wear a bra and panty everyday.

Hi Angie, Life is much better for me since I got a hollow strap on ***** and stopped having intercourse completely with my tiny one. I am micro and not felt. Our love life is wonderful and so much better than ever with any in the past without natural intercourse. I like being able to please and from it I will say size surely does make a difference physically. No women ever reacted to me.

You have a good wife. She cares about you, has integrity and is honest with you.

A lot of rubbish is talked about penis size. I'm not female so I can't comment for sure on how they feel. As a "larger" man, I'd say it depends on the woman - some like it, some don't.<br />
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The fact is that the majority of penises fall within a relatively small range - 5-6 inches if I recall correctly. It is in fact very rare to encounter a true eight-inch penis (measured along the top without pushing into the pubic bone). It is freakish to encounter true nine-inch penises and above and the overwhelming majority of women will never see one. <br />
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Women (and I assume gay men) tend to overestimate size - I've apparently been described as having a "huge" 9 inches, when I'm actually c.7.5 (and just under 6 around). Most of the "huge" **** stars routinely have wildly exaggerated official stats and are filmed from flattering angles and against small girls. Most of those in the "Big ****" genres are about 7-8 inches, with a few of about 9 and only one I know of with probably more than that.<br />
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I find it very unlikely that your ex experienced two true 8" penises unless she was EXTREMELY promiscuous, a **** star, or hooked up using size queen personals. How did she know anyway? Did she measure? I've only been measured once by a girl, so I'm not sure it's something they commonly do. I'm sure you're fine. I imagine there was some other problem and that she was being vindictive. <br />
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I would say average is best anyway. While there are some women who like big penises, some don't - I've hurt a couple of girls, including one I really cared about. You never know who will be able to take it and who won't - and of course quickies can be a problem.<br />
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I'm not saying there aren't upsides, but if I had the choice, I'm not sure I'd choose larger.

There's that intelligent Pix giving good advice again.

Perhaps you can bring in a large toy to enhance your sex life rather than bring "someone" into your bedroom?<br />
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She would get the "filling" she's craving, plus I bet you'd have fun pleasing her with it! :-)

bigems, i meant to ask u before, if she left u before because u didn't satisfy her, why did u marry her??

everyone is different, but i had several lovers who were bigger than average and they were not better lovers by far. i don't know why it is that the bigger the penis, the better the lover, or so people think. having a big penis doesn't mean that a man has better skills automatically. i can't imagine putting my man down like this if i truly loved him. i would just work with what he's got and i get off on more than the size of his penis anyway. maybe i'm different from most women in that penetration isn't what satisfies me sexually by itself. it takes more than that.

Yo, tell that ***** to take a hike@! For real. You don't need to be put down like that ESPECIALLY in what is supposed to be a loving supporting relationship. Sounds to me like you think she's just being honest with you, when in reality this is her way of demeaning you as a control tactic. <br />
Sorry if I'm WAY off base, but that's what it sounds like to me, and that story REALLY just got my ******* goose. Good luck with everything, bigems, and sorry if I came off like an *******.

i agree with namename, this is sad. i can't imagine being put down by my spouse, bf like this. at least, that's how i would take it.

I find this story kind of sad.

You don't have to buy it, its only the truth, believe it or not!