Does Beauty Matter?...

Okay well this girl called Angela was slightly overweight and had an abundance of freckles on her face. She was musically talented, friendly, well liked by her classmates and teachers, and a top student. 

She decided to enter a local beauty contest. Her mother bought her an expensive new dress and made her practice long hours on the piano. Angela didn't win the contest, but she learned something from the experience. She felt that the pageant officials didn't think she measured up to the image of what they were looking for in a winner.

The question of image brings up an interesting thought. If beauty pageant judges are not prioritizing beauty, then why do they have the contestants parade around in evening gowns and swim suits?

For many years, a special person walked upon this earth. She was not physically attractive, wore humble clothing, avoided the limelight, and probably never even saw a beauty pageant, much less entered one.

So who cares what you look like just be yourself...

Love Alyx xoxo

- Alone without anyone

Alyx Alyx
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I agree with you. I hate it when people are only looking on what's on the outside, not on the inside.