Color Blind People Are Free People

It is 2012 and time has changed so much and will continue to change. I am glad that color is something I dont see when I look at someone. Bad and good comes in every race. Success and failure comes in ever race. What I mean by this is no one race is the best, good, successful or bad. Always judge by the inner man. Because the outside of a person is just the coating lol that God has put on us all. It is good to accept all because you never know what color your best friend, lover, help etc may be. I think people who are still racist are unhappy and cant deal with change. My friends come in so many colors and I am happy about that
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

I have friends of all colours. I see their colours, but I don't see them AS a colour. I think each shade from the lightest beige to the darkest black has its own beauty.

"I'm not gonna spend my life bein' a colour." - Michael Jackson

It's a colorful world.......who has time to pick friends based on color?!?