Better Things To Worry About.

What color your friends are doesn't matter. I don't see why people base their friendships off of color. It should be character. I guess I'm one of the growing number of people that finally see this. I just hope that in time this continues to be the trend. We have more things to worry about than what race someone is. I work with too many other races to hate someone because of where they came from. This world is falling apart because of those beliefs. Hatred because someone's skin is darker than yours. Or where they were born. It makes no sense. These are times where the world must do better, or the world will die.
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Agree bud, I really do. Where I grew up, there were few ethnics so I had no idea, then came the military. Just folks, never did see what the hubub was about, still don't.

I grew up with refugee kids. In high school 70% of the school were Asian. I used to go to Footscray Market where noone spoke English, yet we could all understand each other perfectly. In my previous suburb I was one of the odd ones out as I had blonde hair. I enjoy listening to the sounds of different languages. I have read about different religions in order to try and understand others better.

thts requires brain :) people are more dependent on wht they see.

You sound like a good guy :)

People should spend some time in the military. No one cares what color your skin is as long as you are dependable.

Thanks. And that's what I've enjoyed the most about being the military. I've been able to see people from different parts of the world and many different nationalities.

I did not know you were in the military, but thanks for serving.

I was Army-Infantry-11B-Airborne and Air Assault

Hell yeah, AIR ASSAULT!

Could not agree with you more babe! Friends, family, coworkers, why does color matter? It doesn't. This is one of the reasons you and I are friends. Because we both get that (and that we are both mildly insane) ;)

Just mildly? I need to do better, haha....

I was trying to give you that sense of "normal" so people wouldn't be afraid..but, hey who needs that, you are psycho! Lol

Hey if they aren't liking you for who you are, they don't like you.

I didn't say they had to like I was concerned about them being afraid! Lol love ya!

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