People Are Like Flavors

I like them all. I have never put any restrictions on who I hang out with or date. My ex-wife was carribean(not saying from where), and was really racist. She told me when we broke up that she was sure I'd only date white girls after her. Here's a news flash honey - I dated every flavor I encountered before I even met your crazy ***! I did date one white girl after her, but it didn't last long. When I remarried it was to a black girl. What's the deal with people having stigma about what race your gf/bf or spouse is? I've caught crap for every race of girl that I've dated. Usually it's either from white folks, or from people of the girl's ethnicity. It's like they think the lines are drawn, and there's only so many resources on either side. WTF, can't you just go and date someone of another race too? Are you so racist that you can't enjoy sex with someone that doesn't look like you? It's all the same when you turn the lights out! Well, unless they speak another language, but who doesn't like to hear a foreign accent? I think that most people would hit it if they had the chance. They just hate because they're too much of a coward to go out and try.

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im that way too

Thanks and congrats to you. Yeah, now we have the two cutest little girls! Some family members told me that they wouldn't accept our kids, but look who's asking for pictures every time we visit!

my son is half black and he is the most beautiful thing youll ever see....with change brings beauty...dont let anyone tell you differant....right on to you dood