i remember in college, girls I barely even knew would just start telling me about their meds that they were on (supposedly for ADD or ADHD) but popularly used to stay awak and stay thin.

I would always wonder what gave them the idea that I cared? Cos I don't!

It just seems like they're bragging about it, as if it's something to brag about. it's so annoying. People just don't do it. I really don't think anyone wants to ehar it... unless they ask you. Which i never did.


Seriously... just out of the blue. "I'm on Adderall! tee heee heeee!"

...good for you!?

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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

oh i know i knew this person who worked for a job placement agency would couldn't stop boring people to death about "how far she had come" how she was diagnosed with 4 mental illnesses (now properly medicated and how she went to school on her terms and designed a program just for her and on and on<br />
<br />
How she used to be somewhat like me and then she got something in her head steright and how if i didn't do something or other i was going to end up in the streight jacket i so feared <br />
<br />
the thing is i didn't fear a streight jacket or at least not in the same way she thought i did more like a healthy fear one has of spiders poisiois snakes and not walking out radomly into freeway traffic without watching where you are going <br />
<br />
and the reason she was so messed up before is because she was undiagnosed or improperly diagnosed w/ 4 disorders and the only reason she is so "functional" now is because A- there are meds for her to take and B they found a combination of ones that would work for her but should they stop working she goes right back to what she was before <br />
<br />
it wasn't just a positive attitude and will power