Not Anymore!

Lately I stopped thinking about what other's opinions would be of me,it doesn't matter to me anymore.I don't have the fear of being judged by someone..........anyone....anymore:) I only know about my life and what I am going through at a certain point of time,and why I am behaving in a certain manner.Without knowing a bit of it how could they decide what is right or wrong for me.
I just simply don't care!!

Aliva Aliva
36-40, F
5 Responses Aug 14, 2010

There I agree with you completely:) It's very tiresome to be the way people expect you to be.........

yeah,i think that when you get to our age its the fact that you're confortable with who you are,..comfortable in your own skin if you like,....that makes you care less about others opinions of you,at the end of the day its your own opinion of you that carries the most weight

Thanks fungirlmmm,yes it no longer really matters what others think of me...finally we are in the process of being truthful to ourselves.

Congratulations. I am in the same place. I am comfortable in my skin and I know who I am as a person and what anyone else thinks no longer matters.