Your Opinion Really Dosent Matter

I've done some discovering as to who i am. You know what i came up with? I'm weird, i'm strange. I have strange thoughts. I want to deal with the criminally insane when i grow up. I wear a lot of black. I sometimes cut myself although been awhile since i have. Im trying to learn to skateboard and i suck at it. At best i look like a bird smacking into lightposts. I'm socially awkward quite often. I've been broken in many different ways. Im afraid to show my feelings at times, i sometimes push my friends away in fear of abandonment, and im depressed a lot. My heart, spirit, and mind has been broken many times. These things made me who i am and im comfortable in my own skin. I claim my twisted shattered heart as my own. I'm slow at times and draw. I dont care if its good or not, its mine. I adore horror movies and dont get disgusted easily. The guy i loved screwed me over bad. He didnt see all there was to me. It hurt but one day someone will see me and accept and love the good and bad. So when the one comes that sees all of me and loves me all the same then thats the one that will stay. If you dont like me or anything about me then sorry but i don't care. I'm me. Imperfect as i may be. Ill gladly take the credit for it. :)
FireryHysteria FireryHysteria
18-21, F
May 14, 2012