They Don't Want To Think Good About You!


I am English student I live with family to practice language.

They don't like me, and I have changed in front of them by time, they are so jealous

I used to care about what they do think, and now they think good about me but they "Want to think bad things about me"

They don't like me because I am Gentle, Honest, Daring, Confident, Strong, Smoothy.


Please my friends just be aware that some people "DON"T WANT TO THINK GOOD ABOUT YOU"

Because of jealousy reasons or something like that, They can act it smartly

Just be positive and remember that people who think good about you and they know who you are!


For me every week in same this time, I meant on Thursday I see those people don't want to think good about me, I am glad to play this game with them, and being myself ;)

its enjoyable ..

Happyryan Happyryan
Dec 6, 2012