"For The Most Part, It Depends On Who It Is"

I don't care what most people think of me. They either like me or they don't. I have grown a thick skin while growing up, so other peoples opinions mean about as much as a pile of **** means to me, I couldn't care less. The only peoples opinions that matter to me are my family and friends, and that depends on what the subject of discussion is about. For example: If I tell one of my kids that they can't have someone stay here and they get pissed off at me, I really don't give a ****. I pay my bills here, they are old enough that they should be out on their own, my house, my rules.As far as my friends go, I don't have any in the area where I live, because I got sick of pulling knives out of my back, so I can do without their sob stories for money or them trying to steal my medications..My EP friends, on the other hand, their opinions do matter to me. I have met some very wonderful people on here and wish that some lived closer. The friends I have met on here on not the kind of people who would take advantage of anyone, and I am speaking of the ones I have become very close to..They mean the world to me. I wish I could have the same caring people close by, then I would have real friends instead of people with an agenda, that become your friend for what you can do for them, or what they can get from you. I have lived with the back stabbing kind of friends for far too long, it's amazing to have found genuine people on here that are the friends that I have always wanted....Thank you guys for being who you are, never change, you are perfect just the way you are. I am proud to have you in my life and look forward to talking to you every day, and even though I don't get to talk to some of you every day, I will take the time I can get...............For anyone else, I don't like to hurt anyones feelings, but I just don't care what anyone who knows little to nothing about me, think of me....
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I'm still learning to say 'no' and to rein myself in when someone comes with their proverbial hand out. I'm getting better at recognizing these folks... but it's me and my reaction to them I have to worry about. Thanks for sharing this!! Maybe I can learn something from observing how you handle things. ;)

I usually go with my instincts, they have always been there, i just had to learn to listen, but you have to draw a line even when it's hard or people will use you, but when you need help, there is always some reason they can;t help you. A good friend will help you in return, so that's what will tell you when you have a decent friend, I mean there may be some times they are having it rough too, but they will still try to help you all that they can.....You he needs as well, and the one's who are using you have to cut lose, you even though it can be difficult.......

Yes, you're right. I've experienced people who want and need and I reach out and do what I can to support them, but almost without fail, when I need someone, there are always reasons why no one can accommodate me. It's hard to go against my instincts and years of conditioning, but I'm really trying. Thanks! :)