It´s My Life - Back Off

I reckon I am a total nut case, I laugh out loud I am very loud but what I love the most about that infectious laugh of mine is that I am able to make other people crack a smile! Sometimes I dress like a complete freak - hey who cares its my body, I do have alot of piercings in my ears and people are constantly nagging me about them, BACK OFF its my freaking ears, if we should care about what people say and think about us we woulkd be very narrow minded and small people! Live and let live!!

BulimicME BulimicME
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 16, 2009

Thanks! This really brightened me today. I'm constantly thinking about what other people say about me but sometimes I forget that the only thing that really matters is what I think of myself.