In Real Life I Do, On Here I Dont At All

i will always speak my mind whether in real life or on here.
i will stand up for my beliefs... always, and when i see injustice going on i speak up.
however on here i am far more blunt.
i have no one to impress no one that knows me.
i can be myself and not care
so im sorry if i come off as a ***** if im blunt, but i find it refreshing how easy it is to be to the point on here. In real life you have to sugar coat things for some people.
on this note let me be blunt, there are certain individuals on this site who are well erm odd and beyond creepy. and im chill with that just respect my rules... i willl NOT skype with you. if you're like a million years old looking for a young girl to creep on.. dont bother i will not add you back.
im not on here looking for sexual relationships.... if you are great.... im not.
i will speak my mind if it offends you cool. im not sorry.
sugarsweet88 sugarsweet88
18-21, F
1 Response May 16, 2012

Nice. I'm the same way. More people need to be like us, honestly.