He Must Have Had His Reasons...

We only do what we are moved to do...



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3 Responses Oct 7, 2009

Hi JRSK007<br />
Until he mentioned it I did not know but now he has I agree with him. Being an allround nice guy TV Personality but having sex with your employees is worthy of blackmail but he was too cheap to pay. I don't care but he should.<br />

Its no ones business what he did , its between him and his wife. I am always shocked when I look up the news on the net or tv and they make a big deal about a celebrity having an affair , there are more important issues to cover . Well thats my two cents ...now where did I leave that drink ;)

Seriously, people love to weigh in on other people's business. He's an entertainer not a clergyman. What he did in his personal live is his business.