Let Me Break It Down...

Ok... So, that chick who always wore the letterman jackets (get it? :P) slept with Dave, so did many others...

I care about this why?

Comics are supposed to get alot of sex. That's what I was told when I broke into the business. There will be groupies. I didn't take them seriously cause it never was for me, but anyway... Dave has groupies... Big deal.

drcynic drcynic
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4 Responses Oct 28, 2009

The trouble with me is I find it hard to think of Dave as sexy!

Yep, yep. Still around.

DR Cynic how ya doin', nice to see ya post, didn't want to be a bother, it's nice to see ya here! Hope everythings going fine, Hand s in the Air, Hands In the Air, Hope yur holding up the house In Da' Burgh"

Ah yea I agree! She didn't seem to mind and if she felt she needed to do it to get ahead then she still made a conscious choice to do it.