Why Should I?

I left high school behind many years ago.  I tried to leave the clique-y bullshit behind as well.

Your friends are your friends.  My friends are mine.  Parts of those two circles intersect.  Others do not.  Chances are, you've got a few friends I can't stand.  The same probably goes for you.

So let's be adults about this, okay?  I'm not gonna attack you because you're friends with folks I don't like.  I'm not gonna tell malicious gossip about them.  I'm not gonna pay them much attention at all.  Now, if these people try to stir the pot and try to get between you and me, there may be trouble.  If these people try to brew drama, there may be trouble.

If you're my friend, and a "friend" of yours is hurting you, I'll try to find a way to sort stuff out.

So to summarize, unless someone is actively trying to hurt you, me, or both, I couldn't care less who your friends are.

We are, after all, adults.
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
May 12, 2012