I Use to Care

i use to care a lot about what would people think of my live and what would they say if i did certain things but i realized in the long run that no matter what i did  people would always have something to say.So i just don't care anymore.Can't please every body now can we?So i've realized that i am me and that no one else can be me.I am me and no one can live my life or take charge of it for me.Forget about what other people say Live your life to the fullest in the Lord.

bkind bkind
31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

thanks for saying that buddy , that's really amazing , we have to care about ourselves and if our deeds make us happy or not :)

i still have to remind myself of what you say and it is so very true ...thanks for a timely reminder, with all best wishes :)