I Dont Care

I failed at  highschool despite my intelligence, my 29 year old cousin died. And I dont care. My friends hate me, i hate me but I don't really because I don't care.


JohnnyRotten JohnnyRotten
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 3, 2007

can you say emo?if you failed high school get your ged,if your friends hate you then there not your friends<br />
and if you hate yourself then o well,we all make mistakes,and not caring is a bullshit lie,every body cares about someone or somethin,its part of being human,ask me,my best friend died,others in jail,growin up movin from place to place cause my ma couldnt afford it,people like you **** me off

You care. You just don't want to care. That is the problem. You don't want to open up. Instead you tell yourself that you don't and fight any thought that tells you, you do.

WOW! This was a cry for help!! You DO CARE or you wouldn't have written this piece for everyone to see! Hey gang, we need a group hug over here in the Johnny Corner!!! xoxoxox