I Hate Birthday Parties

Last night my leadman and his girlfriend held a get-together with me, his girlfriend's son and daughter and her new boyfriend, my leadman's 10-year-old girl, my shop manager and his wife, and 2 friends I had met just this week.

Too much. Too many people. After 19 years of no birthday parties and few feelings of worth and deserving, I hated it. I had a birthday party at 5 years old. And to celebrate my 21st birthday, some friends whom I have only known for about 8 months threw me another. I appreciated the gesture--shows they care enough and give a damn--but I don't like it. If it had been me, my leadman and his woman, his daughter, and her son and daughter, I don't think I would have been as nervous and unsettled. I was so nervous, and had eaten so much (2 cheeseburgers loaded and then chips and a piece of birthday cake his girlfriend's daughter had custom made for me) that I couldn't get drunk. Usually 4 beers puts me in a good humor and I'll be pretty buzzed, but last night, it wasn't happening. I tried to FORCE myself to drink just to relax and it just was not happening. There was no way I was gonna get drunk. I really do not like birthday party. Being the center of attention with so many people is incredibly nerve-racking...
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4 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Haven't had one since I was 5, and my parents threw it not me. I just turned 19, and I just had my birthday at a restaurant with my family this year and every year.

LAUGH, Birthday parties are right up there with weddings and funerals. YUCK...I'm with you.

Oh I don't doubt that one bit!!!

Sorry you felt that way. Could have been just us and ida shown you a grand ol time ;) haha